REUNION 60 & 62


  • The first debate for a presidential election was televised.  It was between Senator John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon.  Nikon seemed nervous, but Kennedy stood tall.  The debate on TV changed many people's minds about Kennedy. 
  • This year NASA sent up ECHO, the first communications satellite to be seen with the naked eye. 
  • American "U2" spy plane shot down over the USSR.
  • The Olympic Games were held in Rome and Wilma Rudolf won three gold medals.


Music for 1960 the Number Hit was

Lenny Cocco and The Chimes "Once In Awhile"


  • John Glenn became the first man to orbit the earth - 3 times.  It was a five hour flight. 
  • Rachel Carson, a scientist and writer, warned that our earth would die of pollution and chemicals.  Especially chemicals that were developed to kill bad insects.  DDT was a real bad chemical.  It killed bad insects, along with good insects, along with plants, along with animals.  She wrote the book Silent Spring with a warning.  At least five states banned DDT. 


Music for 1962 the Number Hit was

Bill Anderson Sing Country Heart Songs