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H.M.King High School is the first school in the history of the United States to have a real Navy Jet in the classroom for instructional use.




     On October 28th, 1994  H. M. King  High  School  in Kingsville, Texas  became the first and only High School in the Nation to began a new Aviation Maintenance Technology Course.  A  T-A4J "Skyhawk" aircraft became officially part of   H.M. King and this new course. 

     The Jet  -- T-A4J  #122  was turned over to the National Naval Aviation Museum, located in Pensacola, Florida when the "Skyhawk" aircraft was replaced at Kingsville by the new T-45 "Goshawk".  Before the craft ever made the trip to Florida, however, it was officially loaned by the museum to the Kingsville Independent School District, for the static display in support of the new course at H.M. King.  King High School is the only high school in the country that has such a course which is supported by a real Navy jet airplane.

     The course, which is formally called a "practicum" will cover a wide variety of topics associated with aviation and aircraft maintenance.  Some areas taught are safety, Aircraft Handling, Aircraft Inspections, Flightline Safety, and Aircraft Fueling and safety.   On the more theoretical side, students will also be introduced to some Math and Science that pilots and aeronautical engineers must be familiar with, thus giving them a comprehensive overview of the aviation field.  As part of the practicum, students will have the opportunity to spend time with McDonnell Douglas technicians on the flightline at Naval Air Station Kingsville, to observe the real world of aircraft handling, fueling and maintenance procedures first hand.

     In this community that has maintained close ties with the Navy, the new program at King High has generated a lot of interest, among students and teachers alike. Many of the professional aviation technicians that work at the NAS Kingsville are Kingsville residents who see this course as an opportunity to pursue a career in their field by competitive edge for future employment.


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